Get the Edge with eTender
Fuel Tendering for the Smart Generation

FuelPlus eTender is a next-generation solution that will transform the fuel procurement process for airlines and fuel suppliers. You can expect faster tenders, less admin and better deals.

It has the potential to cut manual administration by as much as 80% and shorten the tendering process by up to 40%.

IATA fuel standards are built-in

eTender is one of the first products to use IATA’s industry-wide data standards for tenders. This means the system can automate the exchange of all tender communications and data between the airline and supplier – from the tender invitation all the way through to the awarding and declining of bids. It can also automate many of the other time-consuming manual tasks associated with procurement.

Key benefits for airlines

  • Procurement is faster, streamlined and less effort
  • It’s easier to see the best deals
  • There are fewer errors, disputes and queries
  • All your data and documents are in one place
  • 100% compliant – leaves a digital audit trail and can generate a tender report at the click of a button
  • Integrates with your other IT systems.

Key benefits for suppliers

  • Airlines can award contracts faster
  • Your bids are easier to manage
  • There are fewer errors, disputes and queries
  • All your data and documents are in one place
  • Integrates with your other IT systems.

Flexible infrastructure and deployment

eTender is just one of the capabilities within our award winning FuelPlus SaaS platform, designed for airlines and fuel suppliers. (What is SaaS?)

That platform consists of:

  • Two well-established aviation fuel management products – the solution for airlines (airline.One) and the solution for fuel suppliers (supplier.One)
  • Our new cloud collaboration technology, which enables the seamless exchange of data between airlines and fuel suppliers.

All our modules in airline.One and supplier.One automate specific fuel processes on the airline or supplier side. You can subscribe to single SaaS modules – like eTender – to automate a specific process, or subscribe to multiple modules that work together to streamline more aspects of your fuel management or fuel supply operation. This means you can choose the modules that suit your business needs and your budget.

Read more about airline.One or supplier.One.

Training and support

We help you implement our software and train your teams to use it effectively. After your install has gone live, you will also get access to our online customer portal and knowledge base, which contains tutorials and user documentation. Our support helpdesk is also available 24/7.

Our development team release regular upgrades and you will be invited to an annual user group, where you can influence new features and developments.

How do I get eTender?

New customers should request a demonstration or you can also watch our e-Tender webinar recording.

If you are an existing FuelPlus customer, you can add these new features to your current installation or upgrade to the new cloud-based airline.One or supplier.One.
To find out how, contact us.

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