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FuelPlus Group expands into the US market

Expanding into the US aviation fuel management market We have recently signaled our commitment to the US aviation fuel management market. We’ve opened a new office in Marlborough, Massachusetts and launched new features aimed at US carriers in our Airline.One software. “The US market is really important for us,” says FuelPlus Group CEO, Klaus-Peter Warnke. […]

FuelPlus Newsletter – Q12017

A word from our CEO “Over the last year or so, we’ve been focusing on product innovation, growing our business and on making sure our existing and new customers are successful.  Here are some of the things we’ve been working on… Expanded customer service and development teams in the EU. Improved architecture in our product […]

On winning Best Aviation Fuel Management Software 2017 and his vision for FuelPlus – Q&A with CEO, Klaus-Peter Warnke

FuelPlus has recently won the award for Best Aviation Fuel Management Software at the Air Transport Awards 2017, organised by Air Transport News. Following this success, we wanted to look back at the FuelPlus journey so far and understand its vision for the future. We spoke to FuelPlus CEO, Klaus-Peter Warnke, to find out more. […]

Aviation fuel management – The 5 biggest headaches for airlines

In order to develop our aviation fuel management software for airlines, it’s crucial that we understand the key challenges these businesses face, particularly in relation to data management and business efficiencies. That’s why we’re always consulting with airlines and using what we learn to help shape our products. In the last year we’ve been talking […]

Iata jet fuel tender – the drive for a standard

IATA are pushing to introduce a way of standardizing the jet fuel tender process between airlines, fuel suppliers and fuel resellers. And so a group of airlines, suppliers and IATA representatives have created a task force to address this. One thing I like about the name is it’s a task force not a committee or […]

The top 5 benefits of, fuel management software for smaller airlines

Following on from our recent post, which uncovered the 5 biggest fuel management headaches for airlines, we’re now going to explain how our fuel management software for smaller airlines, airline.ONE, helps you overcome these issues. FASTER AND MORE ACCURATE INVOICE VERIFICATION As we know, it’s incredibly time consuming to manually check every single fuel invoice, […]

Fuel management software for smaller airlines is launched

We’re pleased to announce the official launch of another new product today: FuelPlus airline.ONE, our new fuel management software for smaller airlines. It will help more carriers streamline their essential fuel management activities, saving them time and money. YOU CAN NOW AFFORD ROBUST FUEL MANAGEMENT PROCESSES Designed to be affordable and quick to implement, the […]

Live online demonstration of FuelPlus software