The FuelPlus support team has now gone 24/7 and is able to handle any incident, from any part of the world, and at anytime! The team has been strengthened by 3 new members to increase the total support staff to 7. Head of the support team Roland Friedl was pleased with the progress his team is making “Our aim is to continue to grow as our customer numbers increase and ensure we can handle any query in a timely fashion and of course meet all contracted SLA’s”.

Customers also have a new portal at their disposal to simplify the logging and tracking of any queries. The FuelPlus Support Portal allows all customers to log, update and track any query they have without the need of picking up the telephone or sending an email. Roland said “This is a vital addition to our service, it allows all customers to raise any issue and see what’s happening without having to take the time to contact the support desk directly. We see this as a further efficiency benefit for all our users”