FuelPlus Newsletter – Q12017

A word from our CEO

“Over the last year or so, we’ve been focusing on product innovation, growing our business and on making sure our existing and new customers are successful.  Here are some of the things we’ve been working on…

  • Expanded customer service and development teams in the EU.
  • Improved architecture in our product for airlines, Airline One. It’s now more flexible and modular so that it can be offered as Software as a Service (SAAS) and you can subscribe to just the features you need.
  • Improved features in Airline One. We have thoroughly researched the aviation fuel management process and built modules that address common issues at each key stage using automation and workflows.
  • An innovative new product for fuel suppliers, Supplier One.
  • New leaders and offices in the US and Asia.

Looking forward, we have also been trialing some game-changing new products that we think will transform aviation fuel management in the coming years, and have been continuing our work with IATA to create industry-wide standards for tender documents. It’s certainly an exciting time. We will keep you up-to-date with the key developments through these newsletters, but for more news, comments and industry analysis, please subscribe to our blog.”

Klaus-Peter Warnke, CEO of the FuelPlus Group.

On Thursday 6 April, we hosted a free webinar: Airline Fuel Management – The biggest challenges and how the leaders are addressing the problem.

If you missed it, don’t worry. We can send you the replay if you email us.

Join us at…

IATA Aviation Fuel Forum: May 16 – May 18, St Petersburg
We are attending this major bi-annual fuel forum and will be presenting the results of our exciting proof-of-concept project with airlines and fuel suppliers.
Join us and other key industry representatives at this event – register now

Top new features

So what’s changed in some of our latest software releases?


  • Automated period closing
  • Volume-specific VAT rates
  • Handling of bio-fuels in ETS emissions calculation
  • Improved usability for Tender Module and what-if analysis on tender rounds
  • New Taxation Module with support for US tax jurisdictions
  • More links with data providers such as PLATTS, Bloomberg, European Central Bank and others.


  • Exchange messages with airlines about tenders, using the new IATA XML standard
  • Update multiple contract prices at once
  • Use workflows for sales and purchase contracts
  • Use workflows to control the approval of bids
  • Use workflows to control the approval of credit memos.

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News, comments and analysis

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IATA jet fuel tender – The drive for a standard
The FuelPlus journey so far and its future – An interview with our CEO

New brochures and feature sheets
We have created some new brochures and feature sheets to better explain what our airline and supplier software does and how it can help you. For copies of these, just email us and tell us whether you are an airline or a fuel supplier.