FuelPlus is currently on the ascent and alongside this we’ve spent the last few months looking at the company, our approach, our brand and all our marketing collateral.

We felt our previous brand needed a re-route, nothing too turbulent as the brand is known, but we wanted to explore a fresh approach and something that more accurately reflected the type of company we are.
We looked at our German heritage, which is very much about excellence and efficiency and also our national colours that include gold and black. We also thought about our hi-tech business model and the type of clients we were dealing with, namely worldwide airlines.

After putting these thoughts together we thrust forward and made changes to the brand colours and harnessed a gold (reverting to the orange from our previous brand) and black. We then simply updated our logo with these colours then used this as the guideline for the rest of our collateral.

With this in place it was then time to approach the re-design of our website, we set off at a rate of knots using the skills of UK firm online design. After a couple of months in development we’ve now touched down after quite a smooth flight.

We are now proud to take off, gear up and ascend to a new altitude with all that we do in the future. We hope you like it!