Here at FuelPlus, we have decided to start 2021 with a new commitment to sustainability. We want to do what we can to support airlines on their journey towards Net Zero Carbon, so we have decided to include our industry-leading Emissions module free of charge in all our FuelPlus Cloud packages. We believe that good emissions management should now be essential, not an optional extra.

FuelPlus Emissions, which has been in use for many years at a number of world-renowned airlines, enables carriers to calculate their CO2 emissions much more accurately for both CORSIA and EU ETS, and automatically generates reports for both these schemes. It’s therefore the essential starting point for an airline’s emissions reduction goals.


Why are we doing this?

We are investing in this area because we know it’s the right thing to do. Despite the low emissions levels seen over the last 12 months as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is still an urgent need to move towards a more sustainable aviation industry if we are going to limit the effects of climate change. IATA expects global travel in 2021 to return to 50% of the 2019 levels, with significant gains expected in the second half of the year. So we believe now is the ideal time to put the foundations in place for meeting your future Net Zero Carbon or emissions reduction targets.

“We believe that good emissions management should now be essential, not an optional extra.”

In addition, 2021 marks the beginning of the Voluntary Phase for CORSIA, which means that all airlines taking part in this phase need to begin offsetting any emissions that fall above CORSIA’s baseline (which is now based on 2019’s average emissions). Despite this milestone, in our experience, not enough airlines are tracking their emissions accurately or engaging with CORSIA.

We believe that if we can get more airlines using FuelPlus Emissions, we can increase engagement in this area. It’s one simple, practical step we can take to support the transition to a more sustainable aviation industry.


How does FuelPlus Emissions help airlines?

FuelPlus Emissions was developed over several years with leading carriers such as Lufthansa, and is the most comprehensive emissions tracking and reporting solution out there. It’s suitable for large and small airlines, whatever their level of fuel consumption. The software significantly eases the administrative load on airlines by:

In short, FuelPlus Emissions saves airlines money because they don’t need to employ expensive consultants or internal staff to prepare the data and reports. It’s the first step towards a more sustainable airline and can help carriers prepare for any future requirements and legislation around greenhouse gas emissions.


Emissions Webinar – Watch the recording


The offer: Lower costs. Lower emissions. One platform

We’re now offering FuelPlus Emissions free with any subscription to FuelPlus Cloud, the leading cloud-based fuel and cost management platform. FuelPlus Cloud is your ticket to a leaner airline because it can help you make savings on your biggest costs: fuel, airport and navigation fees. It does this by accurately capturing and connecting all of your data, streamlining and automating key administrative processes, and helping you gain valuable business insights with advanced analytics. It means you can lower your costs and your emissions, all from one platform.


Start your journey to Net Zero Carbon

Watch our latest recording to find out how we can help you start your journey to Net Zero Carbon. For this webinar we were joined by Christian Mietz, Emissions Trade and Report Manager from Lufthansa.