Following on from our recent post, which uncovered the 5 biggest business headaches for aviation fuel suppliers and resellers, we’re now going to explain how our new fuel management software, supplier.ONE, helps these companies overcome these issues. It’s worth pointing out that supplier.ONE is suitable for suppliers and resellers servicing the General Aviation industry (private jets), as well as those working with commercial airlines.


A single, up-to-date list of fuel prices is probably the most important piece of data for any fuel supplier or reseller, since all quotes and invoices are based on this. Yet it’s one of the most time-consuming databases to keep up-to-date.

supplier.ONE uses daily feeds to automatically pull in key data about energy prices and exchange rates, from, for example, Platts, Argus and European banks, to keep your price list up-to-date and competitive. Pricing within your specific fuel supply contracts can then be automatically updated, and accurate quotes can be generated.

There’s no need to copy and paste information between multiple Excel spreadsheets or different business systems. And, unlike with generic ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning systems like those by Microsoft or SAP), there’s no danger of the software not aligning with your business data, since supplier.ONE has been built specifically with your industry in mind.


supplier.ONE greatly reduces your financial risk, by centralizing and capturing up-to-the-minute data about the fuelling activities of your clients and linking that to your agreed credit limits. Dashboards and alerts will tell you when your airline customers are getting close to their credit limits so you can take action. And at any time, you can get an overview of the credit exposure of an individual customer.


Because all price components and other key data (airports, airlines, aircraft types) are stored centrally within supplier.ONE, it’s easy to create and apply standardized markups based on say, location, customer or fuel volume. This enables accurate pricing decisions to be made by more of your team members, speeding up the process of quoting and using resources more efficiently.


The supplier.ONE system helps aviation fuel suppliers and resellers respond to fuel requests promptly and accurately. It also enables them to better manage the whole fuel request process. The system contains a workflow so that critical steps must be taken and important checks must be made. Only authorized personnel can approve fuel requests, generate quotes, issue fuel codes and fuel orders.

By centralizing data about airline customers (eg their aircraft, flight events, contracts and credit limits) as well as pricing and markups, supplier.ONE also makes the task of creating fuel quotes, fuel orders and issuing authorizations quicker and easier. Again, there’s no need to check multiple documents or copy and paste information between them, so the risk of human error is greatly reduced.


With supplier.ONE, data from electronic or paper fuel tickets can be captured and stored, enabling everyone to see the exact amount of fuel uplifted. This can be done in many ways, for example, by on-the-ground staff with smartphones or tablets (using our mobile fuel app or fuel portal), or by loading an XML file.

This will be of particular benefit to aviation fuel resellers, who don’t currently get a copy of the fuel ticket and usually have to wait for the suppliers to send an invoice before they know the actual volume sold. This can create cashflow problems and means they have no way of checking whether a fuel supplier’s invoice is accurate.

With access to supplier.ONE, that information would be at their fingertips immediately.

However, this feature will also save aviation fuel suppliers a lot of time and money because they will no longer need to manually gather and check hundreds of paper-based fuel tickets in order to raise their invoices. Automating and digitizing this process will also mean that fewer invoicing inaccuracies occur.


So those are our top benefits of supplier.ONE, the first fuel management software designed especially for aviation fuel suppliers and resellers.

At the moment, supplier.ONE is aimed at ‘early adopters’: resellers that want to get ahead of the competition and help FuelPlus shape the product.

You can express your interest in being one of our first customers or just ask us some more questions about this software – contact us today

New versions will be published every six months and will include the facility to capture and verify your invoices, and to automatically receive tenders (and submit bids) from airlines using other FuelPlus products.