Expanding into the US aviation fuel management market
We have recently signaled our commitment to the US aviation fuel management market. We’ve opened a new office in Marlborough, Massachusetts and launched new features aimed at US carriers in our Airline.One software.

“The US market is really important for us,” says FuelPlus Group CEO, Klaus-Peter Warnke. “We are heavily investing in this region because we want more US airlines to benefit from streamlined fuel management processes, which save them time and money.”

“Over 50 airlines use our software and 25% of the world’s aviation fuel is managed within it, but the majority of our customers are in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

The US aviation fuel market operates slightly differently and is more complex so it’s been important to listen to our US customers and our wider network to fully understand these differences and the unique requirements of US airlines. We’ve now developed our software to match those needs and so it’s the right time to open a US office and increase marketing activity in the region.”

New features specifically designed for the US aviation fuel market

The Inventory and Logistics Module is aimed at airlines that buy fuel for self-supply – a large proportion of US carriers. This module helps airlines to ship fuel – by pipeline, truck or any other means of transportation – and monitor where their fuel is at any one time so they can keep the inventory accurate and up-to-date.

Key features of this module:

Our developers have also made sure that other features work for the US market – a new Taxation Module for example, can handle US tax jurisdictions and support tax codes on all different levels. A future release will also integrate with US tax data providers.

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Flexible infrastructure and deployment

Airline.One follows the Software As A Service (SAAS) model and can be hosted in the Cloud or in a data center.

It contains a number of modules designed to automate specific aviation fuel processes, such as strategic and operations fuel planning, fuel procurement and tendering, fuel replenishment, operations monitoring and fuel accounting.

Airlines can subscribe to a standalone module to automate a specific process or subscribe to multiple modules that work together to streamline an airline’s complete fuel management operation.

A centralized fuel data repository and standardized workflows are also key features of the system.

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