On the 17th and 18th June FuelPlus attended the AFRAA Suppliers and Stakeholders Convention at The Panari Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya. The event was attended by over 250 delegates who all had the aim of building new business relationships and supporting the growth of the airlines of Africa. The event was packed with interesting speakers and outstanding hospitality and entertainment! FuelPlus has attended many gala dinners but the group “Kayamba Afrika” (www.kayambaafrica.com) who wowed us across the night with amazing acapella songs were a highlight! They created a rhythm that even FuelPlus couldn’t resist!

On the speaker front the presenters were all extremely varied in background and subject matter which meant for good insight no matter what area of the airline industry you occupied.

Not only were we treated to speakers that addressed the entire conference but also to smaller masterclass sessions that focused on specific subjects for an audience with a deeper interest. FuelPlus attended the session hosted by Embraer and learnt a lot about the virtues of effective fleet planning and how really understanding your network and passenger requirements will help airlines to make the best choice for future fleet development.

FuelPlus also had the honour of addressing the main conference and presented “Fuel Management – The Most Important Aspect Of Running An Airline Operation” The presentation was well received and thankfully allowed some of the airlines in attendance to introduce themselves afterwards to discuss how we can help their operations. We have been left with quite a lot of follow-up on our part!

All in all the event was very well organised and executed by the team at AFRAA. We are now looking forward to the next AFRAA event that will be held in Mombassa in November.