Update: CORSIA (the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation) has now entered its Baseline Period. This means that airlines participating in the first phase of CORSIA are starting to monitor their CO2 emissions for international flights and this will continue during 2020.

The data collected between 2019 and 2020 will be used by ICAO to set an emissions baseline, so that from 2021 (the start of the Pilot Phase), airlines can volunteer to start offsetting any emissions that are above that baseline.

It’s vital that your emissions data is accurate so that a realistic baseline can be set. But if your monitoring and reporting tool isn’t up to the job, or you feel unprepared for the complexities of CORSIA (or indeed EU ETS), that can be a real challenge.


The most effective monitoring and reporting tool

FuelPlus software is already used by over 67 airlines representing over 28% of fuel in commercial aviation. Many of these carriers have been using our emissions module for ETS reporting for some time, and as of last year, this software has been upgraded to be fully CORSIA-compliant.

Here are the key strengths of our emissions software over other products (especially for existing FuelPlus users):


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Other useful features include:


Expertise to kickstart your CORSIA reporting

We can also offer you an affordable consultancy package to help you implement the software quickly and smoothly, so you become CORSIA-compliant faster.

So, if you are behind in your CORSIA preparations or if you feel that other reporting and monitoring tools don’t have the features you need, speak to us. Book your free consultation today.