United Kingdom, February 2017 – Transport News Magazine have awarded FuelPlus Group for their airline fuel management solution in the 2017 Air Transport Awards.
Changing regulations and increased scrutiny of security and efficiency have made the air transport industry a challenging environment to operate in over the past 12 months. As a vital part of our society it has been imperative that firms work hard to ensure that this crucial sector keeps moving forward.

The 2017 Air Transport Awards have been launched to commend companies and individuals who have achieved outstanding performance and results within the industry that forms the backbone of our transport market.

FuelPlus is the world’s number one provider of aviation fuel management products and services and has been serving airlines since 2000 from its German headquarters in Hannover. The FuelPlus airline fuel management solution brings together large amounts of disparate fuel data across different teams and systems into one platform. The firm’s innovative airline fuel management platform has pre-built and customisable integration points that make it easy to consolidate planning, operations, finance, procurement, invoicing and other fuel related data to be accessed, analysed and updated by different teams across the airline.

Jordan Japal, Awards Coordinator commented on how proud he was of his winners: “It has been a genuine pleasure to showcase the talent and commitment of my deserving winners, and I would like to congratulate FuelPlus on their success and wish them the best of luck for the future.”
Transport News prides itself on the validity of its awards and winners. The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.

To learn more about our award winners and to gain insight into the working practices of the “best of the best”, please visit the Transport News website (http://www.transportnews-intl.com) where you can access the winners supplement.