A new era for fuel and cost management


FuelPlus is changing. For the last 19 years our core business has been providing best-in-class fuel management software to airlines and installing this usually, on an airline’s in-house IT infrastructure. But times have changed, and we’ve changed with them. We’ve remodelled our offer for the software as a service, cloud and big data era. It means we can give our customers more flexibility, scalability and develop powerful new features faster.

So, enter FuelPlus Cloud: our most advanced solution yet. The potential to drive efficiencies, streamline operations and reduce your costs is greater than ever before.


More intelligent

We’ve designed an interface that’s much more intuitive and added a host of great new features.

The real game-changer is an advanced analytics application, built for the big data era. FuelPlus Analytics allows you to analyze 100 times more data at ten times the speed of current solutions and the most up-to-date information is immediately reflected in your dashboard.

We wanted to put the power of analytics in everyone’s hands including non-technical teams with an interest in fuel data, such as Finance and Compliance. So, this platform blends and analyzes large volumes of data and translates it into actionable business intelligence using easy-to-understand maps, charts, graphs and gauges.

You can now effortlessly keep track of your chosen key performance indicators and share these with your team. It can even help you understand where you can make improvements, thanks to next generation technology such as predictive analytics and AI.


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More flexible

Now built for the software as a service model, FuelPlus Cloud has a completely flexible architecture that allows you to choose just the features you need. You are not limited to pre-defined packages. So, if you want to transform your entire fuel management process, choose all the features relevant to your airline. Or to focus on optimizing a particular aspect of fuel management — for instance, Procurement — just choose a smaller set of features.


More powerful

A single source of data

FuelPlus Cloud overcomes the number one problem for all fuel management teams: it provides a single source of fuel data. Using pre-built integration points, it can automatically capture data from all parts of the airline and beyond — including procurement, operations, finance and even suppliers.

We’ve designed it in a way that allows non-technical users to easily join these large datasets from multiple sources, and create one neat and centralized repository of all fuel data – no scripting is required, no expensive hardware, and little-to-no help from IT. This data is then made available to everyone who needs it through a cloud-based interface. So as long as you have an internet connection, you have access to the most up-to-date version of all your data. This is the foundation of any effective fuel management process.


Beyond fuel management

FuelPlus Cloud goes beyond fuel management. You can now get a complete picture of all flight-related costs from one solution. New feature sets capture, import and track your airport and navigation costs, such as landing, take-off, parking, overflight and permit. It handles the complex pricing scenarios often associated with airport charges and takes care of everything from contracts to period closing.

It’s been estimated that airport and navigation fees make up around 10%* of an airline’s direct operating cost, so it makes good business sense to tightly control this expenditure just as much as fuel.

See the features for airport charges
See the features for navigation charges

*Based on data gathered by IATA and ICAO (2016/2017)

More powerful, more flexible, more intelligent.


Automated tendering, ticket collection and invoice verification

FuelPlus Cloud offers advanced automation and collaboration features which take streamlining to a new level. The feature sets, eTicket, eTender and eInvoice enable airlines and fuel suppliers to exchange critical fuel data automatically (fuel tickets, bids/tenders and invoices), using IATA’s data standards and modern technologies such as APIs and web services.

It’s good news for airlines and suppliers because it means faster payments, fewer mistakes, increased productivity and improved client/supplier relations.

When you combine these unique collaboration services with other feature sets, such as Operations and Contracts, the system creates links between your data so you can automate more processes and therefore achieve greater efficiency. For instance, the system can automatically verify your invoices against fuel ticket and contract data.

By automating low-value manual processes such as data capture, cleaning and verification, you make savings across your organisation and increase your opportunities in a competitive marketplace.


See FuelPlus Cloud in action

For a tour of FuelPlus Cloud watch our webinar: Taking fuel and cost management to the next level.

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