Our story

The FuelPlus Group is the leading provider of fuel administration and management software to the aviation industry. Established in 2000 and headquartered in Germany the FuelPlus Group operates worldwide with a global development and support center in Europe and regional offices in America, Europe and Asia.

In line with the Group’s mission to provide world leading fuel management solutions that empower the aviation industry to implement robust processes, increase efficiencies and control costs, FuelPlus has developed the FuelPlus Fuel Management platform. Currently in use at nearly 50 airlines and suppliers on 4 continents this platform has proven its value in day to day business, managing approx. 25% of the annual worldwide jet fuel consumption.

As a full service provider FuelPlus supports the industry with product-related services including consulting, service desk, and training as well as with fuel business process outsourcing services.

Close collaboration with industry-leading carriers and fuel suppliers as well as with industry organizations such as IATA ensures constant product and service enhancements.

Developed by the industry, for the industry

FuelPlus works close with industry-leading airlines and aviaton fuel suppliers to develop state of the art fuel management products and services.

FuelPlus fuel management solutions continue to be shaped by the customers’ needs, thanks to an annual user group, industry associations, and the open, responsive approach to business.

As an IATA Strategic Partner, FuelPlus is working with the industry on the development of new data standards. This will allow seamless data integration between all parties involved in the aviation fuel business.

An exciting bright future

The FuelPlus Group is headquartered in Hannover, Germany, from where central group functions are provided. Hannover also serves as regional office for customers located in the EMEA region.

The Group’s global development and support center is located in Brasov, Romania. Brasov also operates a data center for FuelPlus cloud-based software services.

FuelPlus’ regional office for the Asia region is located in Labuan, Malaysia with a marketing office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The FuelPlus Group operates US-based data centers for FuelPlus cloud-based software services in Louisville, KY and Denver, CO. The regional sales office for the Americas region is located in the Boston area.

Live online demonstration of FuelPlus software